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NJ Data Recovery Services

US IT SERVICES gets your new New Jersey business on the road to recovery - quickly! We provide recovery services including data, clean room, RAID and hard drive software. Our data recovery facility is fully equipped with a state-of-the-art Class 100 clean room!

Our RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) data recovery services enable us to recover a vast array of hard drive issues, whether damaged by liquids, fire, burnt bearings or overheating, power surges and spikes or hard drives that the system does not recognize or that were formatted with a new operating system installed.

We can recovery data from the following Circumstances:

  • NJ Data RecoveryCrashed Servers with RAID volumes
  • NJ Data RecoveryCrashed laptops, desktops or servers
  • NJ Data RecoveryCrashed NAS and SAN storage
  • NJ Data Recovery"Blue screen of death" data recovery
  • NJ Data RecoveryMechanically failed hard drives
  • NJ Data RecoveryMaliciously damaged hard drives
  • NJ Data RecoveryLaptops damaged by liquids
  • NJ Data RecoveryDeleted files, folders and databases
  • NJ Data RecoveryDrives that do not spin up
  • NJ Data RecoveryCrashed server hard drives
  • NJ Data RecoveryExchange, SQL and MYSQL Databases
NJ RAID Data Recovery Services

We can Recover:

  • NJ Data RecoveryHard drives damaged by liquids.
  • NJ Data RecoveryHard drive with burnt bearings.
  • NJ Data RecoveryHard dives damaged by fire
  • NJ Data RecoveryHard drives that the system BIOS does not recognize.
  • NJ Data RecoveryHard drives that were formatted with new operating system      installed.
  • NJ Data RecoveryHard drives damaged by power surges and spikes.
  • NJ Data RecoveryHard drives damaged by overheating.
NJ Server RAID Data Recovery