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NJ Network Installation | NJ Network Setup Services

US IT SERVICES brings you flawless nj network installation and configuration. Your one-stop shop for all your IT needs, US IT SERVICES gives you the highest quality service and support to fit your IT budget.

NJ Network Installation Services Include:

  • NJ Network Installation

    Technology Consultation

    We understand that every small business is unique and has its own set of needs at differing times. In preparation for the specific scope of work your business is seeking, you will receive a Technology Consultation . We will first analyze your existing computer network setup and discuss your IT needs before we begin the design phase of your project. Once everyone is on the same page, we will create an installation plan that precisely fits your business’ vision and objectives

  • New Jersey Network Installation

    Selection of Equipment, Software & Technologies:

    Rely on US IT SERVICES to assist in the selection of the best equipment, software and technologies available for your business and for your budget. We use the highest quality equipment for your network and servers to be powerful enough to handle the most demanding business projects and to give you the confidence and peace of mind to run your business successfully.

  • New Jersey Network Installation

    Hardware and Software

    Call on US IT SERVICES for your business’ hardware and software needs. We handle the setup, configuring, installation and fine tuning while our developers test each aspect to ensure everything runs properly. Once all hardware and software are in place, our technicians migrate any existing data to the new servers and work with your internet service provider on your continued internet access, email and VPN.

  • New Jersey Network Design

    Software Configuration, Installation and Fine Tuning:

    All software will be installed and tested as specified by the software developer..

  • Client File Shares and Databases:

    Our Technicians will migrate any existing data to the new servers.

  • NJ Network Design

    Internet Connection Setup: DSL, Fiber Optics, Cable Modems and T1's

    Our Technicians will work with your Internet Service Provider to provide continuous service for Internet Access, Email and VPN services.

  • NJ Network Installation

    End User Training and Network Support:

    Small businesses are only as strong as their employees, so with that in mind, we provide several hours of training for your staff to become efficient with your new technology systems. In addition, your personnel will receive ongoing tech support for any post-installation issues that may arise.

  • NJ Network Design

    Labor Support Services:

    Our technicians will provide tech support to resolve any problems which arise after the initial installation is complete.