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Mike Cardella is CEO and Co-Founder of US IT Services and a Microsoft Certified Professional. He started his career in 2000 and after demonstrating his ability to develop and manage small business networks, he quickly ventured to start ICS—a business specializing in IT consulting and network support—in 2002. Since then, ICS has grown into a globally-recognized Cloud Computing and Managed IT Service Provider currently supporting over 4500 end users. Today, Mike leads a strong team of skilled IT professionals in providing enterprise-grade solutions and services to small and medium businesses. Through his work with managed services, becoming an expert in cybersecurity has become a necessity. Leveraging these skills, Mike partnered with Brian Walk to use their knowledge of best security practices to help businesses protect themselves against breaches.

Brian Walk is COO and Co-Founder of US IT Services. With experience managing teams and multimillion-dollar accounts, his background is in business strategy, visual design, and account management.  Brian started his career as a pilot and moved onto managing an aviation flight department before venturing into cybersecurity.  Brian’s work at US IT focuses on developing and motivating the best team in cybersecurity to equip businesses with everything they need to stay protected.

Why Choose US IT Services:

At US IT Services, we offer a team of experts and support, so you can be confident you’ve chosen the best cyber security consultants for your company and compliance needs.

The Best Team

We don’t hire just anyone with IT experience. We only interview about 1 out of 200 applications, and then hire 1 out of 40-50 interviewees. We take support and service seriously, ensuring your business gets the help you need with certifications and technical abilities to apply cyber security correctly.

The Best Support

We use a “non-tiered” support desk, so you never deal with an inexperienced technician. No matter the reason you’re calling in for support that day, the best person will help you solve the problem quickly and efficiently. No more waiting on hold when you could be back to work.

The Best Tools for Your Business

We value being vendor and technology neutral to ensure you’re getting the best product for your company. We won’t force you to sign on to a product: through our research and expertise, you’ll be guided towards the best tool for the job.

Our Values

We’re driven by the values of proactivity, promptness, openness, doing the right thing, backing our customers, humility, and vigilance.

Proactive Services

We implement best-in-class security monitoring and prevention services so your business does not become another statistic. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Prompt Service

Your business took years of hard work and dedication to build. When a cyberattack occurs, we act quickly to stop the attack. We follow best practices to remediate the threat and provide a root cause analysis along with recommendations to prevent the same breach from occurring again.

Open Company

Transparency is key to developing trust and a solid working relationship. US IT was built on doing what we say and saying what we do. We will never recommend a product or service that you do not need. Honesty and trust are number-one and a part of our core beliefs and values.

Doing What’s Right

We service all of our customers with the same reliability and consistency, and with the highest level of integrity. We treat each of our clients like they are family–our clients’ success is our success.

Backing Our Customers (don’t !@#$ the customer)

Clients and customers are the lifeblood of any business; without satisfied clients, we are nothing. We collectively put all of our customers first, not just a select handful.


Remaining humble in our service will always keep us on our toes, and ensure we never underestimate new cyber threats.

Staying One Step Ahead of the Hackers

We are always learning new techniques, technologies, and solutions to keep our client’s businesses safe and secure. Layers upon layers of security are paramount to making hackers’ lives as difficult as possible.

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