Cyber Security IT Audit
and Risk Assessment

When it comes to your business cyber security must be handled by experienced and certified professionals that utilize the proper standard operating procedures to keep business networks safe and secure. With our multipoint cyber security audit & risk assessment you will know if your outsourced MSSP or internal IT team is following industry best practices and is doing everything they can to keep your corporate network secure. When we initially engage with a new client, the first thing we do is inventory, assess, and audit – then we report the weaknesses and vulnerabilities found. Our IT & cyber security risk assessment tests your cloud solutions, network configuration, network security, backup systems, servers, active directory, firewalls, group policies, workstations, software & hardware. We then notify you if your system needs upgrading, maintenance, or any other improvements and deliver a detailed findings report along with a proposal with our recommendations followed by a Managed Security Service Agreement for on-going support, maintenance and daily upkeep.

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Cyber security assessment is a service entails risk-based approaches to examine and enhance defense mechanisms against cyber-attacks. This risk assessment requires an organization to determine its key business objectives and identify the information technology assets that are essential to realizing those objectives. Then the business must identify cyber-attacks that could adversely affect those assets, deciding on the likelihood of those attacks occurring, and the impact they may have. This allows stakeholders and security teams to make informed decisions about how and where to implement security controls to reduce the overall risk to one with which the organization is comfortable.

Cyber risk = Threat x Vulnerability x Information Value

Why carry out a cybersecurity risk assessment?

With the ever-increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber threats targeting company networks, it is imperative for all businesses small to larger to conduct thorough and regular cyber security assessments. These assessments identify and protect network systems from attacks. When done on a recurring basis they help ensure changes made have a positive result.


The ultimate goal of cyber security assessment is to identify the risk exposure of cyber assets. During the process, all network devices and services that could be a source of vulnerabilities are addressed. The service focuses on:

  • Network components audit, including hardware, software, and network components.
  • Overall management of network mapping
  • Network port and service scanning
  • Vulnerability assessment on hosts
  • Risk modelling
  • Network security analysis
  • Risk mitigation analysis
  • Reporting

The above services focus on answering these questions:

  • What are our organization’s most important information technology assets?
  • What data breach would have a major impact on our business whether from malware, cyber-attack or human error?
  • Can all threat sources be identified?
  • What is the level of the potential impact of each identified threat?
  • What are the internal and external vulnerabilities?
  • What is the impact if those vulnerabilities are exploited?
  • What is the likelihood of exploitation?
  • What cyber-attacks, cyber threats, or security incidents could impact affect the ability of the business to function?
  • What is the level of risk my organization is comfortable taking?