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Business IT is a complex yet crucial part of any modern business but optimizing to meet your business goals is easier said than done. Without experience and expertise in office IT, you’ll find that investing in inefficient and unreliable solutions is wasting your money and capping your business’s potential to serve more clients and rake in more profit. Fortunately, US IT Services is here to help you reach your highest potential through customized technology solutions.
Our team of expert technicians will assess your technology and find areas where we can improve your existing solutions and implement effective ones. We’ll constantly monitor your technology to ensure everything is working properly. US IT Services will keep your IT costs down while boosting your productivity all for a reasonable flat monthly fee.
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Why choose US IT to provide Managed IT Services to your company?

US IT is a full-service managed services provider employing a team of technology experts and business veterans. We can secure and optimize your IT systems like most providers, but US IT provides the added benefits of experience and business acumen. Our goal isn’t just to make sure your IT works, but to ensure you can achieve better business growth by utilizing efficient and effective technology.
Our technical support team is trained to ensure you don’t have to suffer from IT issues reducing productivity and revenue. Each of our IT support engineers is highly experienced and certified to solve any technology issues you might experience. You can contact us for IT Support 24/7/365 and we’ll respond as soon as possible and deliver a clear solution.
Our Managed IT Services are available for an SMB-friendly flat monthly fee that covers all your technology needs
From cybersecurity to data back up, we handle every aspect of your IT
Our team provides effective IT support 24/7/365
We are your single point of contact for all your IT issues

US IT offers a comprehensive suite of productivity-enhancing technology solutions as well as advanced cybersecurity services to keep your business safe from emerging online threats

IT Support

A full array of technology services that efficiently manage all aspects of your business IT outside of cybersecurity, which ensure your systems stay efficient and reliable

Managed Security Services

Instead of struggling to spot and prevent attacks, leave the management of your cybersecurity to our experts and rest easy

Security Awareness Training

Make your team more security-savvy with training courses on phishing, scams, and other threats

Cloud Services

Let our specialists handle the migration and management of your cloud systems so you can enjoy the benefits without the hassles and high costs

Microsoft 365 Services

Our Microsoft-certified engineers help you maximize returns and minimize expenses by optimizing your productivity suite to your requirements

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Robust, reliable data backups and recovery planning that ensure your business can survive catastrophes with minimal damage

US IT Services’ Managed IT Services deliver effective solutions for your technology problems quickly

Our IT support services are delivered as part of our Managed IT Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed IT Services are a comprehensive management service that encapsulates all activities related to your business technology. From implementing solutions to managing them in real time, our team will handle your IT so you don’t have to.
Common IT problems range from network connectivity issues and troubleshooting cloud service problems to cybersecurity failures. Baltimore businesses face a wide variety of IT issues that need to be addressed quickly and professional IT Support engineers will leverage their expertise to find the best solution without passing the buck to other teams.
Many businesses we work with also have their own internal IT teams. They partner with us for our IT Consulting services to leverage our guidance and expertise when it comes to devising long-term technology roadmap or implementing large and complex IT projects.
If you encounter any security events or issues with your cybersecurity or data protection settings, you can contact our IT support team to help you appraise the situation. We can help you determine your next course of action so your IT network remains safe.

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