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With regulations for every element of your online presence, compliance can seem like a never-ending task. Let US IT Services take over the responsibility with current compliance task lists, regular audits, and the expertise to remediate any missing elements.

Remediation in Cyber Security

Remediation in cyber security is similar to remediation from any natural disaster: our experts come in and fix the damage to get you running again.

Cyber Risk Remediation

Risk remediation means correcting the potential for a breach. This step happens before the breach occurs, in order to protect the system from costly breach remediation in the future. Vulnerability audits will point out the risks, so our team can get to work remediating and protecting your network.

Malware Remediation

Malware is a general term for infected software that attacks a computer and its network. Currently, ransomware is a popular form of malware. Malware can be downloaded to a device in many ways like clicking on suspicious links, downloading and opening documents from unknown sources, or downloading documents from an infected server.

Typically, the attacker wants to find data, but they may be taking over devices to run their attacks in the background. This results in a computer running slowly (because it’s working more than you realize) and losing storage.

Remediation helps to quickly get rid of the infected file, find the extent of the damage, and repair it. The longer it goes undetected, the longer it takes to remediate.

Compliance Remediation

Through compliance audits, you might need to remediate unencrypted files and potential threats to bring each device up to standard.

Ransomware Recovery

Ransomware is a popular topic and threat for businesses today, shutting down applications and taking over important documents. It’s a sophisticated form of malware that completely prevents work arounds without paying the ransom. In order to avoid paying the ransom, a backup and recovery plan should be in place. If cyber attackers hold your data ransom, but you have a backup of all the data, then you shouldn’t need to pay the ransom.

Developing a Cyber Security Remediation Plan

According to IBM, identifying and containing a data breach takes an average of 280 days. When you have a remediation plan in place, you can cut down that time.

US IT Services helps develop a remediation plan specific to your business, so you can respond to the most common threats quickly, contain the breach, and keep your operation running smoothly.

Mitigation vs. Remediation

Remediation in cyber security begins with mitigation: mitigate risks to protect your business from threats. When you proactively eliminate vulnerabilities, attackers will be less likely to attempt hacking your system. If they do manage to breach one component, a secure network will slow down their progress. Then, regular assessments, audits, and alerts will help you catch a breach before it does too much damage.

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