24/7 Managed
Detection & Response

With technology changing every day, threats are becoming more complex and harder to find.

Detecting these threats can leave you scrambling to keep up, spending time and money and money on security when you should be managing your daily business operations. With 24/7 cyber security and managed threat detection, you can let the experts take over and get back to what you do best.

The Importance of Threat Detection

While threat detection is different for every business, no matter how large or small, you cannot ignore this essential task and the importance of 24/7 cyber security. Ideally, threat detection works to identify and block issues before they cause a breach, so your company is in a proactive position for cyber defense.

With stories of ransomware, third-party breaches, and employee credential theft in the news almost daily, 24/7 cyber security through managed detection and response can save your business from fines or even closure.

With privacy protocols and regulatory requirements becoming more stringent, today’s businesses and organizations simply cannot afford to ignore threat detection as part of their cyber security plan.

What is Managed Threat Detection?

With managed threat detection your company outsources the work of threat identification to an expert platform, service, and/or team. In our case, we use the SOCSoter CYBERDEFENSE service. This tool acts like a burglar alarm for your entire business network, providing 24/7 cyber security detecting security issues with four types of intrusion.

The system looks for things like abnormal behavior, viruses, common adware unauthorized access, changes in traffic, and known threat behavior. It learns as it goes, understanding the regular patterns and use of your system so that things that may be amiss stand out.

Alerts go to a team of round-the-clock, trained, certified security engineers to personally evaluate each alarm and respond as needed.

They identify and eliminate false positive alerts, validate threats, or otherwise analyze the situation and take the appropriate action.

This platform goes far beyond a basic firewall or filter. In fact, this 24/7 cyber security managed threat detection device picks up what those cyber defense attempts miss. It is also HIPPA and PCI-DSS compliant, so this will not introduce any problems with compliance to regulations.

When the team gets a threat alert, they can do things like ban malicious files or stop unwanted processes, quarantine the parts of your system that may be impacted, introduce continuous monitoring until the threat has been quashed, and analyze what happened after the fact so that it will not happen again.

Benefits of Managed Threat Detection

Managed threat detection with Integrated Computer Services and
SOCSoter CYBERDEFENSE offers many benefits to your business.

  • Detect advanced threats and minimize cybersecurity risk is key to ensure the longevity of your company.
  • Maintain your reputation and keep clients that would be lost due to security issues and privacy breaches.
  • Offer customized reports and logs with invaluable insights to your business. You will have greater visibility into what threats your business faces, with the reassurance that the experts have already handled these risks and issues.
  • Save your business the upfront cost of cyber defense, such as in-house infrastructure or staff with the advanced skills for threat detection with our affordable, no-surprises, consistent cost.
  • Free threat detection appliance with every service subscription, so you do not have to purchase both the hardware and the 24/7 cyber security service.
  • Make your company aware of breaches quickly to deploy a rapid response.

On top of that, it improves productivity across your business. With fewer resources invested into finding threats, IT staff and others can focus on other things and not have to worry about what is going on in the background.

Investing in 24/7 Cyber Security

US IT Services is your partner in building a strong and robust cyber security your organization’s cybersecurity is as strong and robust as it can be. Give us a call about how SOCSoter CYBERDEFENSE and be your 24/7 cyber security platform. We can answer any questions you may have about how we can help your business with managed threat detection.

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