With Compliance as a Service, you get to choose the elements and regulations you need to keep your data secure, without adding on the cost of a specialized IT security expert for your team.

What’s Included in Compliance as a Service:

Secure Data Storage

We store your sensitive data on our secure servers, so you don’t need to worry about building compliant firewalls or managing the physical equipment security. Off-premise, secure data storage protects your business in case of natural disaster and has the technology to protect your data from a breach.

Documentation Tools

Pulling together every necessary document to maintain compliance can be confusing and takes up the valuable time of your staff members. Our system will auto-populate the documents based on what we know about your system and require updates for any non-compliant areas.

Risk Assessment & Response Tools

Many regulatory agencies require routine assessments and audits, but you might forget to run the test without a service in place to run it automatically. With compliance as a service, not only do you have automated assessments and audits, but also an automated response to any attempted breaches and attacks.

Data Protection Officer

With the creation of GDPR in the EU came the requirement for a Data Protection Officer. While this is not required in the United States (yet), many businesses have already outsourced this role to the experts. An outsourced DPO with your compliance as a service package ensures you’re getting the most up-to-date security information and staying current with today’s threats or regulatory requirements.

Is Compliance as a Service right for you?

Should you be considering compliance as a service for your business? Here are the top businesses with compliance requirements:

Medical Practices

Protecting patient privacy is important, but extremely difficult to maintain by office staff. Ensuring data remains encrypted end-to-end, servers stay protected, and communications continue with confidentiality make the role more technical than secretarial. With compliance as a service, your medical practice can be compliant as well as protected from the fines and penalties associated with vulnerabilities.

Collecting Credit Card Data

If your company collects credit card data (outside a portal like PayPal or Square), then you have a requirement to comply with PCI DSS and protect your customers’ data. Compromising payment details can destroy your brand reputation, and result in fines or penalties. Avoid those problems by outsourcing your compliance and working with experts in the industry.

International Brands

If your business ships to or does business with international brands, your website needs the added compliance of GDPR. You’ve seen this on websites as a popup accepting cookies and a legal document detailing how customer details are used. While this is not required in the United States (yet), we know these documents are considered best practices for websites. If your business has international buyers, not complying with GDPR can put you in danger of fines and penalties.

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