Free Multipoint Cybersecurity Audit

Cybersecurity posture audit and risk assessment

Why perform a cybersecurity risk assessment?

With the ever-increasing frequency and sophistication of cyberthreats targeting company networks, it is imperative for businesses of all sizes to conduct thorough and regular cybersecurity assessments. These assessments identify vulnerabilities and possible avenues of attack. When done on a recurring basis, they provide vital intelligence needed to anticipate and defend against evolving attacks.
US IT’s cybersecurity risk assessment tests your cloud solutions, network configuration, network security, backup systems, servers, active directory, firewalls, group policies, workstations, software, and hardware. We then notify you if your system needs upgrading, maintenance, or any other improvements. Finally we deliver a detailed findings report and a proposal with our recommendations for solutions. If you decide to partner with us to implement our recommendations, we can also provide a Service Agreement for ongoing support, maintenance, and daily upkeep.
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What's Included in a US IT Cybersecurity Assessment?

US IT’s cybersecurity assessment allows stakeholders and security teams to make informed decisions about how and where to implement security controls to reduce the overall risk of expensive and damaging data breaches.

US IT offers a comprehensive suite of productivity-enhancing technology solutions as well as advanced cybersecurity services to keep your business safe from emerging online threats