Microsoft 365 Services

Valuable consulting, configuration, and management services for Microsoft 365 and related products

Get the most out of your cloud productivity suite

Microsoft 365 is the global gold standard for cloud-powered business software bundles. This customizable suite of productivity and security tools includes cloud versions of Microsoft’s world-famous business software, like Word and Excel, but that’s just the start. Microsoft 365 also offers a vast and growing catalog of specialized apps and add-ons that transform the way SMBs operate.
US IT’s Microsoft-certified cloud engineers will ensure you get the maximum value from your Microsoft 365 investment. We’ll pore over the enormous list of tools and configurations to determine the ideal Microsoft 365 setup for you, and implement your new cloud solutions quickly and seamlessly. Our services also include regular maintenance and management of your Microsoft 365 systems, so your company can enjoy maximum ROI and improved cloud capabilities with minimal time and money costs.
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With US IT’s Microsoft 365 Services, You Can:

Migrate seamlessly to Microsoft 365 with US IT, and revolutionize the way you work while saving time and money in the process

US IT offers a comprehensive suite of productivity-enhancing technology solutions as well as advanced cybersecurity services to keep your business safe from emerging online threats