RapidFire Benefits

Gain access to a high-end tool at an affordable cost to protect your business, employees, and customers from hackers.

IT Assessments

Our IT assessment tool collects data on all devices in your network, as well as the risks you don’t know about, to protect even your remote or cloud-based employees. With automated assessments, you’ll be up to date on any risks you need to remediate.

Vulnerability Scanning

Many best practice guidelines suggest internal vulnerability scanning, even if you think your business is too small to be noticed. Hackers will still attempt to attack through credential theft or phishing emails, and the results can be devastating – loss of funds or data to ransomware, customer payment details, access to your larger clients, and even devices to run hacks in the background.

Regular internal vulnerability scanning protects your business from those dangers, and as your managed security service provider, we can get you started today!


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Cyber Hawk Internal Scanning

With Cyber Hawk, we can run unlimited scans of your network and alert you to attempted attacks immediately. This scan captures issues like unauthorized logins, new user profiles, unauthorized application downloads, administrative permissions, unusual log-in hours, and many other features.

As your managed security service providers, US IT Services offers auto-generated summaries weekly or monthly, so you stay ahead of potential threats and aware of your security posture.

Compliance Manager

Cyber security compliance has many different steps and features, keep up with the requirements through our assessments, audits, and updated documentation. As your compliance experts and managed security service providers, we will ensure your network always meets compliance requirements for your industry.


Are You Compliant?

What are Managed Security Service Providers?

Your IT service provider keeps your business running operationally, but do they protect you from the ever-increasing threat of cyber criminals?

Beyond IT Support

Managed security service providers go beyond the basics of developing a network and installing your communication devices. We primarily focus on configuring firewalls, preventing data breaches, and scanning your network for vulnerabilities. If you have a small business, you might think you don’t need an IT support team to set up printers and manage email, but MSSPs provide additional expertise in cyber security.

Security Expertise

Don’t get distracted by learning the latest in ransomware or third-party attacks. With an MSSP, you save money on hiring a security-specific team member, and you save money by not experiencing downtime due to a virus. With the increases in ransomware and credential theft, no network is completely safe without the 24/7 monitoring of a cyber security professional.

Reduce Costs

With support from managed security service providers, your on-site team can focus on network design, contact centers, communication tools, and other operational services. We come in as experts to stay up-to-date with cybersecurity, so you don’t have to. We’ll make you aware of attempted threats, so you can save money by not hiring another team member.

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