Security Awareness Training

A cutting-edge solution to teach your employees how to prevent sophisticated email phishing scams and malware attacks

US IT’s up-to-date cybersecurity training arms your workforce with vital infosec knowledge

Cybercriminals continue to increasingly target SMBs with phishing emails, and their tactics have improved far beyond the “Rich Prince in Distress” scam. Most successful cyberattacks these days are a result of errors in judgment by unwitting employees, but US IT’s security awareness training plugs this vulnerability in your defenses. We built our solution with simulated phishing attacks to test and train your employees, so they know what tricks to look for and how to avoid them.
When your workforce is educated on how to maintain the cybersecurity of your systems, your risk of costly data breach plummets. You’ll not only learn valuable information and methods to prevent attacks, but our security consultants will also provide testing and documentation to give you a better understanding of your defenses. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that the human element of your security posture is addressed, and your cyber defenses are no longer vulnerable.
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US IT’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training Includes:

Other features of our training services include:

Quarterly Phishing Tests
Online Awareness Training
Quarterly Malware Simulations and tests
End-User Security Awareness Testing and Training
Phishing and Virus Threat Alerting
Premium Help Desk Support for Email-Borne Virus Analytics

US IT offers a comprehensive suite of productivity-enhancing technology solutions as well as advanced cybersecurity services to keep your business safe from emerging online threats