Patch Management
to Stay Secure

Protect your network from today’s threats with managed patch updates keeping you current.

New cybersecurity threats appear every day, and software patches ensure your network stays secure from those new vulnerabilities. But you can’t stay safe if you don’t implement the patch.

While you may know the importance of patch management, US IT Services takes the hassle out of routine maintenance. We keep your network and devices up to date, so you and your employees don’t need to remember it themselves.

The Importance of Patch Management

With security patch management, your network and data will stay secure with routine updates. With US IT Services as your partner, your team won’t push off updates and you won’t forget to implement them.

Lower Risk

The more often you update your devices and perform patch management, the more secure your network becomes. Each patch lowers risk as it updates the holes in the previous operating system.

Compliance Requirements

If your business has HIPAA or NIST requirements, then your data needs to meet the most recent security compliance standards. With patch management in place, you don’t need to worry about staying up to date: US IT Services will take care of it for you.

Protect Your Data

Hackers look for known security holes, understanding that many companies do not protect their systems with security patches fast enough. With routine security patch management from US IT Services, your system will be updated in time to avoid these breaches.

What to Patch

Almost every app on your network requires regular security updates (and if they don’t offer regular updates, they may be susceptible to breaches).

  • Operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux,
  • Internet browsers
  • Java, Flash, other apps
  • Remote devices

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The Importance of Patch Management

You don’t realize the importance of patch management until a breach occurs due to a security hole and compromises your network. However, the regular maintenance process and oversight requires several steps:

1. Take inventory of your devices:

All devices need to be updated regularly, and you can’t do that unless you know which employee has which device, especially with more employees working remotely.

2. Back-ups:

Before installing updates on these devices, ensure you don’t lose any data with backups in place.

3. Update the devices:

with a patch management partner, like US IT Services, all devices can be updated at one time through their platform. Meaning, your employees don’t need to bring any devices on-site to install updates and patches. We access all network devices remotely to install.
Instead of handling each of these steps yourself, bring on US IT Services to make sure you don’t miss a step or device.

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