The Benefits Of SIEM For IT Security

benefits of siem
By the end of 2021, it’s estimated that cyber-attacks will have caused damages totaling $6 trillion USD. Having a business is impressive, but can you guarantee the safety of your customer’s data? Your business is hit by a major cyber-attack, and hackers confiscate all your data.
The regulatory authority is now all over your neck on data compliance issues that you didn’t even know existed. You watch as your business empire falls apart due to a cyber-attack that you could have detected earlier. You’re now here to learn about the benefits of SIEM when adopted to manage cybersecurity events in a business.
Security Incident and Event Management tools provide IT security by analyzing tons of weblogs. Read along to understand the benefits you can derive by using SIEM tools in your business.

Improved Efficiency

We all know how long it can take to handle cyber security incidents. Using SIEM gives you more efficiency when it boils down to monitoring and handling your IT infrastructure. It enhances the speed at which you can control security incidents in your IT environment.
SIEM gives you the ability to see weblogs from all workstations in your business; hence, you can track any attack. The centralization of all the data enables you to identify all the workstations impacted by a data breach. This saves you a lot of time analyzing the degree to which your business got affected by the attack.
SIEM tools are super-fast in analyzing documents and files; hence, your employees can carry out their tasks seamlessly. Its automated mechanism allows the analysis of threats to stop them even before they occur. By detecting early possible attacks, it limits the amount of damage your business can suffer in the event an attack succeeds.
For the best results, consult a reputable IT services firm to help you set up your SIEM software.

Compliance Reporting

With privacy concerns on the horizon, the need for companies to comply with regulations has skyrocketed. Failure to comply can have adverse consequences on your company, such as hefty penalties and loss of public trust. One of the greatest benefits of SIEM is the organization of weblogs, making it easier to streamline compliance.
SIEM makes it possible to collect, normalize and organize weblogs at a centralized system. This has made SIEM the most preferred tool when it comes to compliance reporting. Compliance demands you to report on all weblogs on security from all workstations in your IT environment.
If you don’t have SIEM for IT, you would have to manually retrieve all the weblogs from your workstations, then create single reports. Afterward, you merge all the reports to come up with a single compliance report.
This would be a daunting task if your user logs are in varying formats. SIEM analyses the logs and creates a uniform structure before storing the data. You can save a lot of time in your business by leveraging the efficiency SIEM has to offer.

Anomaly Detection

Many cybersecurity attacks go undetected due to the lack of in-built detection systems in most computers. Your system produces log entries, but it can’t analyze the log files for suspicious incidents. SIEM software closes that gap by analyzing all log files when they’re produced across all your IT environment.
This functionality enables SIEM to detect potential threats across all workstations. Hackers are creating more unique and sophisticated methods to use when committing cybercrimes. SIEM tools can be trained on emerging elements of attacks to be precise in the prevention of cyberattacks.
If an attacker manages to be successful, SIEM correlates log files from all computers to reconstruct how the event occurred. The system automatically alerts the cyber security expert in charge and directs them to the location of the weblogs. SIEM offers a considerable benefit in detecting events before they occur and even after they do.
Cyberattacks can get sophisticated, and the system might miss them. However, analyzing the event can reduce the scale of damage caused to your business after the attack.

Gives You Visibility

Visibility of IT systems is the best thing you could have to enhance your cybersecurity measures. The US alone faces over 4,000 cyber-attacks every day and over 30,000 websites get hacked daily. What does this mean to your business?
Now more than ever, you should always be on the lookout for potential threats posed by hackers. Each component of your IT environment generates tons of weblogs in varying formats. Formatting all the data manually to make sense of it can be an endless task due to the amount of data generated every minute. targeting your organization might create a fake website that looks almost identical to your own.
SIEM software aggregates and normalizes all the data to have a uniform format. The data is then stored in a centralized location, making it easy to analyze and compare the weblogs.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

SIEM enables aggregation and normalization of weblogs from different sources such as emails. Analyzing the data might be a problem since they’re all generated in different formats. The SIEM software reformats all the logs making it seamless to examine your security data.
More so, the security data gets aggregated to a central point, making monitoring the IT environment effortless. SIEM can mitigate any cybersecurity issues as the system gives you oversight of your IT infrastructure.

Leverage the Benefits of SIEM to Elevate Your Guard Against Cybersecurity

The advantages and disadvantages of SIEM are imbalanced, leaning towards the benefits side. The downside is that they are expensive and, at times, difficult to operate and manage. However, the tradeoffs you get by adopting SIEM into your business are worth the investment.
If you consider all the benefits of SIEM when making the decision, you’re set to enhance your cybersecurity.
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