Simple NIST Compliance for
Your Business

Compliance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology is the first step towards working with the government, Department of Defense, and public companies. These security guidelines represent comprehensive best practices for your business, but they can be challenging to implement. With the US IT Services team of cybersecurity experts, we’ll start with a NIST compliance audit and go from there to implement processes and monitor your network going forward.

Start the NIST Compliance Process Today

NIST Compliance Audit

We’ll compare your current processes to the requirements and provide the best practices to meet expectations. Once you’ve established compliance, we will provide the required regular audits to confirm your business remains secure.

Categorize Your Data

We’ll work with you to determine what data needs to be protected, and what can remain unencrypted (or shared over standard email). This provides the starting point for developing a written security plan.

Document Your Security Plan

Documentation is the key to the process. We auto-generate the necessary documentation, input the specifics for your company, and keep them updated so they’re easy to access during an official audit.

Implement Security Controls

Once you have the plan in place, it’s time to implement it across all your devices. This step takes some time, but US IT Services ensures each device on the network meets the NIST compliance audit requirements.

Continuous Monitoring

The final part of NIST Compliance is the continuous monitoring. Now that each element is secure, you need to monitor for attempted breaches and keep devices updated. We’ll alert you when an element needs remediation and offer the best practices to resolve the issue.

What’s included in your NIST Compliance Audit

We can perform a NIST Compliance Audit before you even sign on to see where you stand with the framework and what processes you need to get in place to be compliant. After you become a client, US IT Services will run the audit as often as required to remain compliant, or more frequently depending on your company’s needs.

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